Direct response TV: Distrupting through analytics

Your direct response TV ad creative is spot on and actually speaks to your target audience because you had the foresight to hire a top level creative ad agency. But what good is an award winning ad without knowing if it actually brought in sales? Do you know how many people visited your website because of the ad? How many people converted and what the cost of acquisition is? What about your next ad, how will you optimize to ensure that you get a solid ROI?

These are all crucial questions that need to be reported on, the answers will save you millions of dollars annually. You will switch from gut feeling guesses to data driven marketing decisions. No marketer should operate in any other way.

Yet, US TV ad spend will increase to $75 Billion by 2017 ($66.35 billion in 2013), with only a small portion using comprehensive data analytics that drive actionable insights.

Why are we still approaching ads like we did in the days when Nielsen ratings were first invented?


In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in households with a TV, up to 115.6 million in 2013, that’s 36% of the US population. in the US which includes streaming TV through the internet. Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the years as more and more people are becoming “cord-cutters” and instead relying solely on TV streaming through services like Netflix or Hulu. This new TV viewing behavior includes binge watching entire shows, and watching pre-recorded shows days or even months after the original show was released.


While out of those who still using cable, in 2014,  61% of the world use second screens when watching TV, with Indonesia at 71%. Imagine how this affects your DRTV ad, having a second device readily available while you watch TV greatly increases your chances to take action by visiting your website. Many TV shows like the popular AMC show “The Walking Dead” had online commentary running live as the show was running on TV effectively encouraging this behavior.


Given these two major technology-influenced consumer behavior over recent years, you may have realized that how we currently measure the impact of DRTV ads is no longer a viable option.

That’s where we come in. We are ResultsOnAir. We provide web analytics-level insights for direct response TV (DRTV) campaigns. We help advertisers and media agencies increase ROI on TV ad dollars up to 40%. By tracking how an audience takes action, we optimize ad buying and increase conversions. We ensure that our customers have complete confidence that their marketing decisions are data driven. This allows for better ads with less money so that wins can be reinvested for even more profitability.

We are excited to disrupt the DRTV advertising industry by bringing you in depth data based on today’s digital consumer behavior. This is not your grandfather’s solution.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for a whole lot more.